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A quick transaction. Money from one hand to another and, in an instant, I’m getting a shot of Heroin. I’ve missed the feeling. The heat throughout my body, the peace, my mind floating. I’m not broken when I’m with Her. I can almost hear the blood flowing through my veins, intoxicated with that brownish liquid, … Read more

Unexpected 4.5 (4)

I was lonely. Always lonely. Nobody to talk to, nobody calling to ask, “How are you doing?” Maybe I was ugly. Maybe they think I’m delusional. What am I supposed to do? I spend all day at a convenient store, wearing ripped and dirty clothes. I check my pocket, there are only a few cents … Read more

Unmatched 0 (0)

The agony always began at 10:45 PM for us runaway socks. That’s when Sara, the laundry attendant, wiped the exterior of every washer and removed lint from every dryer. But horror surfaced at the sight of the long-unfolded hanger. Sara scraped the floor under the machines running the long metal hanger along trying to drag … Read more

Porch Love 0 (0)

Circled. Karen circled every fourth word of his last message. A code long ago crafted by those in espionage to convey secret messages. A simple have you read Persuasion by Jane Austen would inform the other to find the book, then using a count circle the words to reveal a secret message. Tim and Karen … Read more

The Arrangement 0 (0)

Francesca Aldridge, hands clenched tightly together paced her bedroom. The gown she was wearing felt stiff and heavy. She had resigned, already, that her parents had arranged for her to be married to some guy from people they knew as friends. She had never met the family, as they had lived miles away.   Today, however, … Read more

The Winds of Change 0 (0)

Tyler, a socially awkward kid who was always interested in the fantasy aspect of life rather than reality. His parents could never understand why, and his father would always question his son’s ability to be able to find a good friend group and even a girlfriend, for his other brothers Eric and Aaron had already … Read more

Love? 0 (0)

“Behave. Don’t be annoying or rude. I can’t have you ruining tonight, Alex.” My mother said nervously before walking into the dining room. We both know what tonight is, we watched the clock that I wore around my neck slowly count down the seconds to meet her. Tonight was inevitably the anxious night I met … Read more

darkness through dawn… 0 (0)

She took one glimpse at his fragile yet stable face. His crystal, Emerald eyes sank deeply through her unravelling, beaming smile. Her intentions were over the limits of expectation; her hour-glass body spoke the words of her exceptional mind! She knew one detail but he knew every last ounce… THREE YEARS BEFORE… The beginning… It … Read more

Mad crush for Miss Rainbow… 0 (0)

A smidgen less than two score and half years ago, this then sixth grader (at Henry Kline Boyer Elementary School located in Evansburg, Pennsylvania) underwent a visible transformation. As a socially outcast (podcasts, instagram, facebook… nor other social media yet to be invented or conceived), painfully shy, tremendously withdrawn prepubescent, my existence practically invisible. Never … Read more

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