The Broken Promise | Drama Stories

Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in the mountains. The villagers lived in peace and harmony, but there was a deep-seated mistrust between two neighboring families – the Martins and the Wilsons. Their enmity had been passed down from generation to generation, and no one really knew the reason behind it. … Read more

A Promise Kept | Drama Stories

Emma had always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, but life had taken her in a different direction. She had married young and had children, putting her dreams on hold to raise a family. But as her children grew up and started their own lives, Emma felt the pull of her passion once again. She … Read more

The Fragile Truth | Drama Stories

Lila had always been a straight-A student, the kind of girl who followed the rules and never caused trouble. But when she started college, she fell in with a group of activists who were passionate about social justice and fighting for their beliefs. At first, Lila was hesitant to get involved. She didn’t want to … Read more

The Last Goodbye | Drama Stories

Jenny and Mark had been high school sweethearts, but their relationship had ended abruptly when Mark moved away to college. They had kept in touch over the years, but their lives had taken very different paths. Jenny had settled down with her childhood sweetheart, Tim, and they had built a happy life together. Mark had … Read more

Fragments of Us | Drama Stories

Sophie and David had been married for years, but their relationship had been strained for a long time. They had drifted apart, their love turning to resentment and bitterness. They tried to ignore the problems, to sweep them under the rug and carry on as usual, but the cracks in their marriage were becoming too … Read more

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