Dark Horizon | Action Stories

The world was on the brink of collapse. A deadly virus had swept across the globe, leaving chaos and destruction in its wake. The government had fallen, and society had descended into chaos. Amidst the turmoil, a group of survivors banded together to try and rebuild what was left of the world. They were led … Read more

Shadow Strike | Action Stories

Tanner had been a part of a secret government agency for years, working in the shadows, carrying out covert operations around the world. But when the agency was infiltrated by a rogue faction with their own agenda, Tanner found himself in the crosshairs of his own colleagues. Tanner knew that he had to act fast … Read more

Code Red | Action Stories

Jenny was a skilled hacker, working for a powerful corporation that specialized in cyber security. But when she stumbled upon a sinister plot to bring down the company from the inside, she knew that she had to act fast to stop it. Jenny discovered that a group of rogue hackers had infiltrated the company’s systems … Read more