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Diamond 0 (0)

Diamond Based on theme: To Love Somebody By Royce Holland I arrived at the doctor’s office about 15 minutes before my appointment. I walked into the office and checked in with the receptionist behind the counter. Good morning, I have a 10:15 am appointment with Dr. Williams. Good morning, may I have your name please? … Read more

Golgotha 0 (0)

Lester was so casual standing in the middle of the Bald Crown Bridge, tying Birdy to a six-foot fence post he’d plucked from the ground using a tow chain and his 2004 Malibu Maxx. The span was still used to get rail cars across the river just like it was back in the day, there … Read more

Why I Hate U (A Cheesy Romance) 0 (0)

I hate you because you make fun of me “Morning Summer,” you said to me, grinning, one morning in science. I blinked as I sat down. You were talking to me?  It was embarrassing that one phrase made me feel a little better about you. Maybe I had assumed wrong about you. “Morning,” I squeaked … Read more

A Melody of Death 0 (0)

He was not a boy many stood around. He was an apprentice detective, who had already solved a few murder cases. Salem didn’t understand why, fully, it was creepy to others. He just saved them all from a murderer, yet they find him scary as hell. He didn’t understand this at all. She was a … Read more

Rolf 0 (0)

The Blackburns are married. A job well done, I think, stirring honey into my morning cup of Earl Grey as I flip through their wedding photos. I’ve decided that I’m having a pleasant morning when a knock sounds on my kitchen door. It’s odd – people normally knock at the front – but I brush the thought … Read more

What about Cupid 0 (0)

Sayani looks around herself and sees she is surrounded by her friends and family, she smiles. They all look happy and content. She felt the green-eyed monster trying to make an appearance, they were all paired up with someone she felt like the eleventh wheel. She stared at her sister and her best friend, glaring … Read more

The Matchmaker 0 (0)

The lineup in front of Madam Xie wasn’t anything special, just a few young women and men, eager for love, and a few older stragglers, anxious for it. Over the years, she had picked up a certain perceptiveness, the ability to read the ambitions in people’s eyes and the fears etched into the lines of … Read more

Pebble in the Pond 0 (0)

There weren’t many who had the gift Anam had. The gift of observation. He could read body language and facial expressions like the person was telling him exactly what they were feeling at the moment. It startled people sometimes, how easily he could gauge someone’s intentions, and he gently tried to steer people to someone … Read more

Melody 0 (0)

Welcome to Love Lagoon. My name is Sandy, I’ll be answering any questions you have on today’s tour. So, first off, I’m going to tell you the story of soulmates. I know, I know, you’ve all heard it before, so I’ll make it short. When we are born, each of us is given a melody. … Read more

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