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The Duchess 3 (1)

Had I paid more attention to the main stories I would have missed the obituary. Centred and low on the page, looking as if it wanted to hide but due to the paucity of words, drawing attention to itself. THE DUCHESS mirror lane deceased Five words to announce the passing of a phenomenon. My breath … Read more

Beauty and the Model 0 (0)

Aaron was beautiful. Women would exclaim it and then cover their mouths in embarrassment. Even some guys would tell him. They all would soon discover, this was not the best way to start a conversation with Aaron. Mesmerized by his beautiful face, women would forget to listen to him. They could not keep their side … Read more

Affectionate, Enduring 0 (0)

The first thing you noticed about Albert was his hair – it was thick and curly, with dark spirals popping out at every angle and it seemed to carry all the secrets of the world. It was the type of hair that begged to be caressed, and Albert was easily convinced to lay his head … Read more

Bad matchmarker 0 (0)

Mia and Sissyl are two sister cousins has a different character, Mia is more indifferent and cheerful but sometimes he is Introvert in school, while Sissyl is more feminine and melancholy and cheerful in school, Mia and Sisil school in different schools, Mia tends to be quiet he is not many friends in his school, while Sissil in … Read more

The Nice Boy 0 (0)

THE NICE BOY     “But Ellen, he seems like such a nice boy!” I supposed that Mrs Sullivan (whom I was now allowed to call Sandra which, oddly, seemed less awkwardly intimate than the Auntie Sandra of my childhood – though of course, she was no relation at all). It would be unfair to say that she peppered her speech … Read more

The unlucky match 0 (0)

Life for a matchmaker isn’t easy. Your job is to make everybody else happy and not yourself. You find yourself with that internal loneliness at the end of the day when everybody goes home to a loved one. The satisfaction of making somebody else happy but the little bit of jealousy that comes from within.  … Read more

Devotion 0 (0)

Ella walked into the shabby house where the plump, smiling woman from Together for Life had directed her. This was her last chance, she thought, trying to project more confidence than she felt. Mostly she felt despair, but she knew from past experience that most men weren’t attracted to such an emotion. She had tried … Read more

Picking up Pennies 0 (0)

“George,” Randy said, “I need your help. You and Janice are so happy together, and I want that for me. I’m tired of being a bachelor. I need advice from someone who knows how to find the perfect woman. Will you help me?”                “Randy, one of the reason’s you’re still single is that you’re cheap. … Read more

The Matchmaker 0 (0)

It’s been said that if you play with fire, you’re going to get burnt. Well I don’t know who said this load of crap but whoever said this must be a wet blanket. In fact, I say mankind was born to play with fire, to study it, to even control it. Man should not fear … Read more

The Puppeteer 0 (0)

In the village east of Salisbury and north of Harringsfold, south of Winter’s Cottage and west of Aberman, a beauty, and a shepherd sit watching the sunrise. The sky became a mirage and the moon began to slip away. The beauty, Idina, watched the sunrise like it was the very last time she would ever … Read more

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