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The Witch Doctor 0 (0)

The night was chilly and cold, and the breeze had a bitterness in it that seemed to hint at a premature winter for the inhabitants of Culsbury. Almost everyone in the little village was sheltered against the stiff wind, huddled against the oncoming cold-front behind shabby wooden clapboards, or thin, fraying blankets. Nothing was to … Read more

The Youngest Matchmaker 0 (0)

Nora was the youngest matchmaker in her village and in all of the surrounding villages. She was also the youngest person anyone still alive could remember being appointed as a matchmaker.  She had passed all of the tests on her first try, completed her internship by the time she was sixteen and been approved and … Read more

Diamonds in the sky 0 (0)

  Katie Sue Johnson had never gone more than a week without work. She was no longer as young as before, but was still slender, energetic, and had a warm friendliness in those big brown eyes of hers. Whenever she was on an interview for work, she was usually the first selected. So her recent company had sent notices … Read more

Matchmaker 0 (0)

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…. Peggy hummed the little tune as she wrote down the names of two people she knew from church on her yellow pad. She loved being able to put two people together that didn’t seem like they would even like each other. Peggy thought of Katy and her husband James. … Read more

Papa v2.0 0 (0)

At 57, I have had several nerve-wracking experiences, some personal and most others professional. But, this was new, rather unknown. Arun, my only son, looked nonchalant. He was setting up the conference room we were in, on the 85th floor with a backdrop of skyscrapers. What a view! I imagined my two-story office building with files and … Read more

Wingman 101 0 (0)

“Tash, how long does it take you to get dressed in there?” Chloe’s fist hammered on the door. “One second!” I yelled back. I quickly turned around and checked myself out in the mirror. *Gulp*, I hoped this one would pass Chloe’s eagle eye test…. Or else I was gonna be in hot water! Taking … Read more

Before We Were “Us” 0 (0)

“Grandma how did you meet Grandpa?” Glenna smiled before answering Conner who looked up at her with his big brown eyes filled with wonder and curiosity. “It was a very long time ago, and I was very young,” she began. Conner crawled into his Grandmother’s lap and nestled in to listen to her story. As she spoke he … Read more

Jennifer 0 (0)

I worry about the man who I live with.  We have a close, if distant relationship. A quiet routine. Every morning we share breakfast, always the same, cheerios with milk. Every night, a microwave-dinner. Sometimes he watches television. He flips from channel to channel. News. Sometimes a sit-com. He never laughs, though.   He is still … Read more

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