The Not-So-Great Escape Room | Comedy Stories

Four friends – Tom, Lucy, Mike, and Rachel – had been looking forward to their weekend escape room adventure for weeks. They had heard great things about this particular escape room, with its challenging puzzles and mysterious atmosphere.

As they entered the room, they felt a rush of excitement. The clock started ticking down from 60 minutes, and they began searching for clues.

But things didn’t go as planned.

Tom got stuck in the first puzzle, unable to figure out how to unlock a simple padlock. Lucy accidentally knocked over a vase, shattering it into a million pieces. Mike got too distracted by the cool props and forgot to look for clues. And Rachel was too busy taking selfies to actually help solve any puzzles.

As the minutes ticked by, they realized they were not making much progress. Tom was still stuck on the first puzzle, Lucy and Rachel were bickering about who broke the vase, and Mike was convinced that he had found a secret door that turned out to be a closet.

To make matters worse, the room started getting hotter and hotter. They realized too late that they had accidentally locked the door behind them and there was no way to get out. They were stuck.

As the sweat started to bead on their foreheads, they realized that they were not going to make it out in time. They had failed the escape room.

The door finally opened after an hour, and the employee running the escape room looked at them with a mix of amusement and pity. “Better luck next time,” he said, as they stumbled out of the room, defeated.

They walked out into the bright sunlight, squinting and disoriented, and realized that they had wasted a precious Saturday morning on a failed escape room attempt. But as they started to laugh at their own ineptitude, they realized that the experience had been worth it for the laughs and memories alone. Sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination – even when it comes to escape rooms.

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